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im alive... Apr. 20th, 2004 @ 05:29 pm
i finally have enough time to update... So here it is

Im pissed the blues lost but its all good cuz my freind bought nhl2004 for his ps2 so i can win the cup on that and feel good. Bonds is a hr machine. Los Dodgers will fall and los Gigantes will triumph. I going to sf for games before next semester, along with the greatest car show and races ever in Monterey. 13 brought back memories of my childhood in south tucson...especially the carousel with metallic motorcycles. 2d and 3d have finally leveled out so i think i'll make it to next semester. I also convinced my parents not to make me go to summer school. So ill be able to sit at home and be a lazy bum more than i allready am here. Oh yeah...I get to DRIVE MY CAR!!!!!! I'm one of those people who can't live without my car. Its a 95 dodge neon sport. I know...im a 19 year old guy and i drive a white used-to-be-my-mom's car. Whatever...it gets me around faster than walking. And if you've ever been to southern arizona in july...you dont know heat. you can actually fry eggs on the road...They have shut down the airports in phoenix and tucson for days beacause the runways will melt the tires when the planes land. Anyway...neon or not, it could be replaced by a 92 bmw 5 series. My neighboor's dad wont let him drive it because he thinks it's too much muscle for him...HAHAHAHA. So if he doesnt sell it by the time i get back...it will be mine.

GO PLAYOFFS! Apr. 12th, 2004 @ 04:23 pm
Im gonna procrastinate like hell and go to the blues game tonite. Game 3 and we are down 0-2 in the series. Wins tonite and tomorrow and we're back in it. Im growing a playoff beard for good luck so if you see me, don't think i'm some homeless bum walking around campus. It's for a good cause. We need all the superstitions in play. Besides that, I'm about to be eaten alive by 2d and 3d final projects. Hopefully it will be quick and fast with as litte pain and suffering as possible. The Giants are crusin... I can't wait till summer when i go to SF to see them along with the monterrey car shows. This summer is gonna kick ass. Bring it on 2d and 3d, I can take it. I'm Out.

I'm pumped Apr. 8th, 2004 @ 05:01 pm
The Blues start tonight
The Giants are doing well
The Raiders keep signing good players
Art History and 3D both got pushed back a week
This allows me to go to the Blues playoff game on monday

Wut Up! WU Apr. 8th, 2004 @ 03:27 am
I decided to do this live journal thing. Write me stuff.
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